Only people with no real troubles can afford to be insouciant during times like these. Runway models are great at looking insouciant, strolling the catwalk apparently without a care in the world.

Some prefer their musical idols to be insouciant, seeming not to care what their fans think or want. Others like them more eager to please, happy to take requests and engage. The two obvious examples are Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Armstrong would smile and encourage the audience to participate, while Davis was the insouciant master who showed no concern for or interest in what his listeners might prefer: some people found his insouciant manner irresistible.

Definitions of insouciant
  1. adjective
    marked by blithe unconcern
    “an utterly insouciant financial policy”
    “an elegantly insouciant manner”
    synonyms: casual, nonchalant
    lacking in interest or care or feeling
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