"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," Vocabulary from Chapters 14-17

J.K. Rowling's boy wizard begins his adventures here, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

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definitions & notes only words
  1. corridor
    an enclosed passageway
    Every time they passed the third-floor corridor, Harry, Ron, and Hermione would press their ears to the door to check that Fluffy was still growling inside.
  2. inferno
    a very intense and uncontrolled fire
    Look at these: Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland; From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper’s Guide!’
  3. ministry
    a government department
    The Ministry of Magic has a job hushing them up, I can tell you.
  4. stifling
    characterized by oppressive heat and humidity
    It was stifling hot inside.
  5. stoke
    stir up
    He was humming merrily as he stoked the fire.
  6. detention
    a punishment in which a student must stay after school
    Detention!” she shouted.
  7. utter
    “What utter rubbish!
  8. feeble
    pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness
    Excuses, alibis, and wild cover-up stories chased each other around Harry’s brain, each more feeble than the last.
  9. meddle
    intrude in other people's affairs or business
    It was a bit late to repair the damage, but Harry swore to himself not to meddle in things that weren’t his business from now on.
  10. ajar
    slightly open
    It was empty, but a door stood ajar at the other end.
  11. furor
    a sudden outburst, as of protest
    Harry had forgotten they still had detentions to do in the furor over the points they’d lost.
  12. fume
    be mad, angry, or furious
    Hagrid was fuming.
  13. palomino
    a horse of light tan or golden color
    A centaur was standing over him, not Ronan or Bane; this one looked younger; he had white-blond hair and a palomino body.
  14. clamber
    climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling
    “My name is Firenze,” he added, as he lowered himself on to his front legs so that Harry could clamber onto his back.
  15. bellow
    shout loudly and without restraint
    Firenze bellowed at Bane.
  16. imprecise
    not sharply exact or accurate
    It sounds like fortune-telling to me, and Professor McGonagall says that’s a very imprecise branch of magic.”
  17. fret
    worry unnecessarily or excessively
    The idea of Voldemort certainly scared them, but he didn’t keep visiting them in dreams, and they were so busy with their studying they didn’t have much time to fret about what Snape or anyone else might be up to.
  18. exasperation
    a feeling of annoyance
    “Yes, but not to us,” said Ron in exasperation.
  19. tendril
    slender structure by which some plants attach to an object
    She had to struggle because the moment she had landed, the plant had started to twist snakelike tendrils around her ankles.
  20. knack
    a special way of doing something
    He had a knack for spotting things other people didn’t.
  21. petrify
    cause to become stonelike or stiff or dazed and stunned
    Petrified, he watched as Quirrell reached up and began to unwrap his turban.
  22. agony
    intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain
    SEIZE HIM!” shrieked Voldemort again, and Quirrell lunged, knocking Harry clean off his feet, landing on top of him, both hands around Harry’s neck—Harry’s scar was almost blinding him with pain, yet he could see Quirrell howling in agony.
  23. hygienic
    tending to promote or preserve health
    Madam Pomfrey, however, felt it might not be very hygienic, and confiscated it.”
  24. babble
    gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby
    The babble died away.
  25. abysmal
    resembling an abyss in depth; so deep as to be immeasurable
    Even Neville scraped through, his good Herbology mark making up for his abysmal Potions one.

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