scrabbling; scrabbled; scrabbles

To scrabble is to grasp or grope. If you lose your footing while rock climbing, you'll scrabble around with your fingers for a ledge to hang onto.

The verb scrabble means to scratch or grab with your hands, the way you might search for something in a dark room or clutch at something frantically as you drop it. Scrabble also describes an animal's movements, like the sound of a squirrel that scrabbles, or scurries, out of your garbage can. Scrabble is also the name of a board game that involves making words out of letter tiles. Scrabble comes from the Dutch schrabben, "to scratch."

Definitions of scrabble
  1. verb
    feel searchingly
    synonyms: grope for
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    type of:
    grope or feel in search of something
  2. verb
    write down quickly without much attention to detail
    synonyms: scribble
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    type of:
    communicate or express by writing
  3. noun
    an aimless drawing
    synonyms: doodle, scribble
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    type of:
    a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines
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