A drawing is a sketch or a picture, usually made with a pencil or pen. You might use extra class time after you've finished a test to make a quick drawing of your teacher sleeping at his desk.

A drawing is an artwork that's not a painting — it's made of sketched lines and represents some object, person, or form. An architect might begin working on a project for a house design by doing some drawings, and a kindergartener might proudly hang a drawing of her family on the refrigerator. Another kind of drawing is the act of pulling, which is also the earliest meaning of the word.

Definitions of drawing
  1. noun
    a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines
    drawings of abstract forms”
    “he did complicated pen-and-ink drawings like medieval miniatures”
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    a drawing made with a stick of black carbon material
    delineation, depiction, limning, line drawing
    a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects
    a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
    mechanical drawing
    scale drawing of a machine or architectural plan etc,
    a drawing executed with pen and ink
    architectural plan, plan
    scale drawing of a structure
    perspective drawing of an architect's design
    doodle, scrabble, scribble
    an aimless drawing
    a drawing of the outline of an object; filled in with some uniform color
    a drawing made on specially prepared paper with an instrument having a silver tip (15th and 16th centuries)
    sketch, study
    preliminary drawing for later elaboration
    stick figure
    drawing of a human or animal that represents the head by a circle and the rest of the body by straight lines
    trace, tracing
    a drawing created by superimposing a semitransparent sheet of paper on the original image and copying on it the lines of the original image
    a drawing made with pastel sticks
    animalisation, animalization
    a depiction in the form of an animal
    block diagram
    a diagram showing the interconnections between the components of system (especially an electronic system)
    a preliminary sketch indicating the plan for something
    draft, rough drawing
    a preliminary sketch of a design or picture
    drawing of an exterior of a structure
    floor plan
    scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation
    horizontal section
    a mechanical drawing of an object as if made by a plane cutting through it horizontally
    a diagram of the positions of the planets and signs of the zodiac at a particular time and place
    schematic, schematic drawing
    diagram of an electrical or mechanical system
    Venn diagram, Venn's diagram
    a diagram that uses circles to represent mathematical or logical sets pictorially inside a rectangle (the universal set); elements that are common to more than one set are represented by intersections of the circles
    vertical section
    a mechanical drawing showing the interior of an object as if made by a vertical plane passing through it
    a small illustrative sketch (as sometimes placed at the beginning of chapters in books)
    (astrology) a circular diagram representing the 12 zodiacal constellations and showing their signs
    a diagram that shows a sequence of operations or a progression through a process or system
    flow chart
    a diagram that shows a sequence of operations or a progression through a process or system
    type of:
    a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something
  2. noun
    the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams
    “he learned drawing from his father”
    synonyms: drafting, draftsmanship
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    the act of producing drawings on wood or leather by using heated tools or a fine flame
    the act of drawing a plan or diagram or outline
    type of:
    art, artistic creation, artistic production
    the creation of beautiful or significant things
  3. noun
    an illustration that is drawn by hand and published in a book, magazine, or newspaper
    “it is shown by the drawing in Fig. 7”
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    frame, panel
    a single drawing in a comic strip
    type of:
    art, artwork, graphics, nontextual matter
    photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication
  4. noun
    the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
    synonyms: draft, draught
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    type of:
    pull, pulling
    the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you
  5. noun
    act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source
    “the drawing of water from the well”
    synonyms: drawing off
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    drawing off water from its main channel as for irrigation
    drawing of fluid or inflammation away from a diseased part of the body
    type of:
    a gradual depletion of energy or resources
  6. noun
    players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots
    synonyms: lottery
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    a lottery in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum
    lucky dip
    a game in which prizes (e.g., candies or coins) are concealed in a container and for a small sum a player can draw one out at random
    numbers, numbers game, numbers pool, numbers racket
    an illegal daily lottery
    a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money
    a lottery in which the prize consists of the money paid by the participants
    type of:
    gambling game, game of chance
    a game that involves gambling
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