You can usually read your daily horoscope in the local newspaper. A horoscope is a forecast of your future based on the month in which you were born.

Some people believe that a horoscope is a real way to divine the future; they think that traits and circumstances are determined from the position of the planets at the exact moment of a person's birth. Others enjoy reading their horoscopes just for fun. The word horoscope has a Greek root, hōroskopos, combining hōra, "time or hour," and skopos, "observer or watching." A horoscope, in other words, is something that watches the hour of one's birth.

Definitions of horoscope

n a prediction of someone's future based on the relative positions of the planets

Type of:
forecasting, foretelling, prediction, prognostication
a statement made about the future

n a diagram of the positions of the planets and signs of the zodiac at a particular time and place

Type of:
a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts

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