To scribble is to write something quickly and sloppily. You can also call someone's handwriting, if it's hard to read, a scribble.

Have you ever made a note of something very quickly, and then later when you tried to read it, you couldn't? That's a scribble. People scribble when they need to write fast. The problem with scribbling—-making a scribble-—is that it’s hard to read. Some people have handwriting that is always hard to read: you can call poor handwriting a scribble. Doctors are famous for their scribbles. The Latin root is scribere, "to write."

Definitions of scribble
  1. verb
    write down quickly without much attention to detail
    synonyms: scrabble
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    type of:
    communicate or express by writing
  2. verb
    write carelessly
    synonyms: scrawl
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    type of:
    mark or trace on a surface
  3. noun
    poor handwriting
    synonyms: cacography, scratch, scrawl
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    chicken scratch
    cramped or illegible handwriting
    an illegible scrawl
    type of:
    hand, handwriting, script
    something written by hand
  4. noun
    an aimless drawing
    synonyms: doodle, scrabble
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    type of:
    a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines
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