The adjective burly describes someone (usually male) who is muscular and beefy. Types of people that you might describe as burly? Football players, wrestlers, and bouncers at nightclubs.

The word burly is a synonym for words like husky, brawny, and muscular. The differences between the words can be subtle. Although they can all describe someone with beefy muscles, people tend not to think of burly as describing someone who has a lean, athletic muscular build. Burly is more often used to describe the guy that has a massive, muscular build, where his muscle may be tending toward fat.

Definitions of burly
  1. adjective
    muscular and heavily built
    “had a tall burly frame”
    synonyms: beefy, buirdly, husky, strapping
    sturdy and strong in form, constitution, or construction
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