Identification is what you show when someone wants proof of who you are. When you get pulled over by a cop for speeding, you better have your driver’s license on you as your form of identification!

Identification isn’t just the card or passport you carry around in your wallet to prove who you are to others. You can also have an identification with a person if you share common beliefs, traditions, or values; then you can say that you identify with that person. Identification can also mean the process of recognizing or identifying something. You may have to wait to adopt that stray dog until the pound has put the pooch through an identification process, trying to see if he already belongs to another family.

Definitions of identification
  1. noun
    the act of designating or identifying something
    synonyms: designation
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    diagnosing, diagnosis
    identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon
    blood typing
    determining a person's blood type by serological methods
    medical diagnosis
    identification of a disease from its symptoms
    uranalysis, urinalysis
    (medicine) the chemical analysis of urine (for medical diagnosis)
    type of:
    determination, finding
    the act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation
  2. noun
    the process of recognizing something or someone by remembering
    synonyms: recognition
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    the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known
    speaker identification, talker identification
    identification of a person from the sound of their voice
    type of:
    memory, remembering
    the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered
  3. noun
    the condition of having the identity (of a person or object) established
    “the thief's identification was followed quickly by his arrest”
    identification of the gun was an important clue”
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    type of:
    condition, status
    a state at a particular time
  4. noun
    evidence of identity; something that identifies a person or thing
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    ballistic fingerprinting, ballistic identification, bullet fingerprinting
    identification of the gun that fired a bullet from an analysis of the unique marks that every gun makes on the bullet it fires and on the shell ejected from it
    biometric authentication, biometric identification, identity verification
    the automatic identification of living individuals by using their physiological and behavioral characteristics
    an identification of a publisher; a publisher's name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page
    positive identification
    evidence proving that you are who you say you are; evidence establishing that you are among the group of people already known to the system; recognition by the system leads to acceptance
    negative identification
    evidence proving that you are not who you say you are not; evidence establishing that you are not among a group of people already known to the system; recognition by the system leads to rejection
    facial profiling
    identification of criminals and terrorist by means of videotapes of their faces
    a generic term for any identifying characteristic
    linguistic profiling
    using speech characteristics or dialect to identify a speaker's race or religion or social class
    recording a person's behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to predict or assess their ability in a certain sphere or to identify a particular group of people
    a generic term for any device whose possession entitles the holder to a means of access
    identification number, number
    a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification
    card, identity card
    a card certifying the identity of the bearer
    DNA fingerprint, genetic fingerprint
    biometric identification obtained by examining a person's unique sequence of DNA base pairs; often used for evidence in criminal law cases
    automatic face recognition, face recognition, facial recognition
    biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces
    a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger; often used for biometric identification in criminal investigations
    finger scan, finger scanning
    biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically
    iris scanning
    biometric identification by scanning the iris of the eye
    signature recognition
    biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's signature and matching it electronically against a library of known signatures
    retinal scanning
    biometric identification by scanning the retina of the eye
    biometric identification by electronically recording and graphically representing a person's voice
    countersign, parole, password, watchword, word
    a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group
    green card
    a card that identifies the bearer as an alien with permanent resident status in the United States
    I.D., ID
    a card or badge used to identify the bearer
    charge card, charge plate, credit card, plastic
    a card (usually plastic) that assures a seller that the person using it has a satisfactory credit rating and that the issuer will see to it that the seller receives payment for the merchandise delivered
    debit card
    a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account
    smart card
    a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor; typically used to perform financial transactions
    type of:
    an indication that makes something evident
  5. noun
    the attribution to yourself (consciously or unconsciously) of the characteristics of another person (or group of persons)
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    type of:
    identity, individuality, personal identity
    the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity
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