To hunt is to track and kill an animal for fun or food. In Italy, they use pigs to hunt truffles. In the US, they use shotguns to hunt deer.

Some humans hunt animals with a gun or a bow and arrow, and some animals hunt smaller animals — the way a wolf hunts rabbits or a cat hunts birds. You can hunt in a non-lethal way as well, like when you hunt all over your house for your lost car keys, or your little brother hunts for you during a game of hide-and-seek. The Old English root of hunt is huntian, "chase game."

Definitions of hunt
  1. verb
    pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)
    “Goering often hunted wild boars in Poland”
    “The Duke hunted in these woods”
    synonyms: hunt down, run, track down
    cause an animal to move fast
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    hunt or shoot snipe
    hunt for whales
    ambush, still-hunt
    hunt (quarry) by stalking and ambushing
    hunt for turtles, especially as an occupation
    (hunting) chase from cover into more open ground
    (hunting) search for game
    hunt rabbits
    hunt fowl in the forest
    hunt illegally
    hunt seals
    hunt with ferrets
    hunt with hounds
    hunt foxes, on horseback and with dogs
    jack, jacklight
    hunt with a jacklight
    hunt with hawks
    hunt with falcons
    hunt fowl
    forage, scrounge
    collect or look around for (food)
    hunt grouse
    forage food
    type of:
    capture, catch
    capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping
  2. verb
    search (an area) for prey
    “The King used to hunt these forests”
    hunt down, run, track down
    pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)
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    type of:
    look, search
    search or seek
  3. noun
    an association of huntsmen who hunt for sport
    synonyms: hunt club
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    type of:
    club, gild, guild, lodge, order, social club, society
    a formal association of people with similar interests
  4. noun
    the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts
    synonyms: hunting
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    canned hunt
    a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections
    stalk, stalking, still hunt
    a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily or waiting in ambush
    hunting for birds' nests to get the eggs
    the act of preying by a predator who kills and eats the prey
    stalking deer
    type of:
    labor, labour, toil
    productive work (especially physical work done for wages)
  5. noun
    the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
    synonyms: hunting
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    a hunt in which beaters force the game to flee in the direction of the hunter
    hunting rabbits with beagles
    hunting with dogs (usually greyhounds) that are trained to chase game (such as hares) by sight instead of by scent
    deer hunt, deer hunting
    hunting deer
    duck hunting, ducking
    hunting ducks
    fox hunting, foxhunt
    mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox
    the sport of hunting wild boar with spears
    type of:
    field sport, outdoor sport
    a sport that is played outdoors
    blood sport
    sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)
  6. verb
    seek, search for
    “She hunted for her reading glasses but was unable to locate them”
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    type of:
    look for, search, seek
    try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of
  7. noun
    the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone
    synonyms: hunting, search
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    a careful systematic search
    forage, foraging
    the act of searching for food and provisions
    frisk, frisking
    the act of searching someone for concealed weapons or illegal drugs
    looking, looking for
    the act of searching visually
    an organized search (by police) for a person (charged with a crime)
    quest, seeking
    the act of searching for something
    ransacking, rummage
    a thorough search for something (often causing disorder or confusion)
    moving over territory to search for something
    a very thorough search of a person or a place
    strip search
    searching someone for concealed weapons or illegal drugs by having them remove their clothes
    an exploratory action or expedition
    type of:
    any specific behavior
  8. noun
    an instance of searching for something
    “the hunt for submarines”
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    type of:
    the examination of alternative hypotheses
  9. verb
    pursue or chase relentlessly
    synonyms: hound, trace
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    hound or harry relentlessly
    type of:
    chase, chase after, dog, give chase, go after, tag, tail, track, trail
    go after with the intent to catch
  10. verb
    chase away, with as with force
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    type of:
    drive out, force out, rouse, rout out
    force or drive out
  11. verb
    oscillate about a desired speed, position, or state to an undesirable extent
    “The oscillator hunts about the correct frequency”
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    type of:
    oscillate, vibrate
    move or swing from side to side regularly
  12. verb
    yaw back and forth about a flight path
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    type of:
    deviate erratically from a set course
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