To forage is to wander around looking for food. When it’s cold and snowy outside, birds may forage for food in your backyard, digging around for whatever they can find.

The verb forage often describes animals searching for food, but it can also be applied to people. In those circumstances it retains the slightly desperate sense of coming up with whatever is available. For example, if you want to cook dinner but have no time to go to the grocery store, you might forage your refrigerator and cabinets to find good substitutes for ingredients in your recipe.

Definitions of forage

v collect or look around for (food)

forage food
Type of:
hunt, hunt down, run, track down
pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)

v wander and feed

“The animals forage in the woods”
predate, prey, raven
prey on or hunt for
Type of:
eat, feed
take in food; used of animals only

n the act of searching for food and provisions

Type of:
hunt, hunting, search
the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone

n bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

eatage, grass, pasturage, pasture
Type of:
coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop

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