Fodder is cheap food, usually given to livestock animals like cows. If you gave a cow caviar or homemade scones, that would not be fodder. Try cornstalks.

Fodder is not just used to describe cattle feed. We use the word to talk about other kinds of feeding that don't involve actual food. A new celebrity marriage is fodder for gossip magazines. In war, the soldiers most likely to be killed, are called cannon fodder, from the times when armies used canons instead of drone aircraft dropping missiles.

Definitions of fodder
  1. noun
    coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop
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    eatage, forage, grass, pasturage, pasture
    bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle
    leguminous plant grown for hay or forage
    broad bean, horse bean
    a bean plant cultivated for use animal fodder
    grass mowed and cured for use as fodder
    the dried stalks and leaves of a field crop (especially corn) used as animal fodder after the grain has been harvested
    a grass grown for hay
    type of:
    feed, provender
    food for domestic livestock
  2. verb
    give fodder (to domesticated animals)
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    type of:
    feed, give
    give food to
  3. noun
    an inferior but widely available resource used to supply heavy demand
  4. noun
    soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire
    synonyms: cannon fodder, fresh fish
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    type of:
    an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army
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