When you scrounge, you borrow, scavenge, or forage for something. Somehow or other, you're going to have to scrounge up enough money to pay your sister back for that loan.

Scrounge can essentially mean "root around looking for something," like when you scrounge for a snack in your grandparents' refrigerator. It also means to obtain something by wheedling or talking someone into giving it to you. If your best friend gets tired of you scrounging money for snacks and movie tickets, you may finally have to get a job.

Definitions of scrounge
  1. verb
    obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling
    synonyms: cadge, schnorr, shnorr
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    type of:
    ask to obtain free
  2. verb
    collect or look around for (especially food)
    synonyms: forage
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    forage food
    type of:
    hunt, hunt down, run, track down
    pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)
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