chromatic color

Definitions of chromatic color

n a color that has hue

chromatic colour, spectral color, spectral colour
achromatic color, achromatic colour
a color lacking hue; white or grey or black
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red, redness
red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood
orange, orangeness
orange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow
a pale pinkish orange color
yellow, yellowness
yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
blond, blonde
a light grayish yellow to near white
green, greenness, viridity
green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass
blue, blueness
blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime
purple, purpleness
a purple color or pigment
a light shade of red
brown, brownness
an orange of low brightness and saturation
a yellow-green color of low brightness and saturation
any of various pale or light colors
complementary, complementary color
either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments)
a blood-red color
chrome red
a red pigment used in paints; basic lead chromate
Turkey red, alizarine red
a bright orange-red color produced in cotton cloth with alizarine dye
cardinal, carmine
a variable color averaging a vivid red
crimson, deep red, ruby
a deep and vivid red color
dark red
a red color that reflects little light
purplish red, purplish-red
a red with a tinge of purple
cerise, cherry, cherry red
a red the color of ripe cherries
orange red, scarlet, vermilion
a variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge
reddish orange
an orange color closer to red than to yellow
canary, canary yellow
a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge
amber, gold
a deep yellow color
brownish yellow
a yellow color of low lightness with a brownish tinge
gamboge, lemon, lemon yellow, maize
a strong yellow color
old gold
a dark yellow
orange yellow, saffron
a shade of yellow tinged with orange
pale yellow, straw, wheat
a variable yellow tint; dull yellow, often diluted with white
greenish yellow
a shade of yellow tinged with green
the property of being somewhat green
sea green
the property of a moderate green color resembling the waters of the sea
sage green
the color of sage leaves
bottle green
dark to moderate or greyish green
chrome green
a brilliant green color
the green color of an emerald
olive green, olive-green
a color that is lighter and greener than olive
Paris green, chartreuse, pea green, yellow green, yellowish green
a shade of green tinged with yellow
blue green, bluish green, teal
a blue-green color or pigment
jade, jade green
a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green
azure, cerulean, lazuline, sapphire, sky-blue
a light shade of blue
powder blue
a pale blue color with grey in it
steel blue
a greyish blue color
Prussian blue
a dark greenish-blue color
dark blue, navy, navy blue
a dark shade of blue
aqua, aquamarine, cobalt blue, greenish blue, peacock blue, turquoise
a shade of blue tinged with green
purplish blue, royal blue
a shade of blue tinged with purple
a pale purple color
a moderate purple
reddish purple, royal purple
a shade of purple tinged with red
reddish blue, violet
a variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrum
the quality of being pink
a pink or reddish-pink color
rose, rosiness
a dusty pink color
purplish pink, solferino
a pink dye that was discovered in 1859, the year a battle was fought at Solferino
apricot, peach, salmon pink, yellowish pink
a shade of pink tinged with yellow
a variable color averaging a deep pink
Vandyke brown
a moderate brown color
the brown color of chestnuts
burnt umber, chocolate, coffee, deep brown, umber
a medium brown to dark-brown color
a shade of brown that is yellowish or reddish; it is a greenish shade of brown when used to describe the color of someone's eyes
light brown
a brown that is light but unsaturated
a dark brown color
Venetian red, burnt sienna, mahogany, reddish brown, sepia
a shade of brown with a tinge of red
buff, caramel, caramel brown, raw sienna, yellowish brown
a medium to dark tan color
a color varying from dark purplish brown to dark red
olive brown
a shade of brown tinged with green
drab, olive drab
a dull greyish to yellowish or light olive brown
a greyish brown
a vivid blue to purple-blue color
Type of:
color, coloring, colour, colouring
a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect

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