If you're sanguine about a situation, that means you're optimistic that everything's going to work out fine.

Sanguine is from Latin sanguis "blood" and originally meant "bloody" — in medieval medicine it described someone whose ruddy complexion was a sign of an optimistic outlook. That was back when people thought that "bodily humors" like blood were responsible for your attitudes. Now that we no longer believe in humors, sanguine has settled down as a fancy way to say someone is cheerfully confident. Experts are frequently described as feeling sanguine about a political or economic situation — or not sanguine, if they think we're going to hell in a handbasket.

Definitions of sanguine
  1. adjective
    confidently optimistic and cheerful
    expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds
  2. adjective
    inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life
    “a fresh and sanguine complexion”
    synonyms: florid, rubicund, ruddy
    having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease
  3. noun
    a blood-red color
    see moresee less
    type of:
    red, redness
    red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood
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