If you're just learning to skateboard, you’ve probably got an ugly bruise or two to show for it — those purple and yellow patches you get on your skin where you’ve bumped and scraped. They probably hurt, too!

You can find bruises at the grocery store, too — those soft, mushy spots on a peach or an apple — and if you drop a tomato, you're likely to bruise it. You can bruise your knee or bruise someone's feelings — if you tell your friend you don't like her novel, you’ll bruise her ego.

Definitions of bruise
  1. noun
    an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration
    synonyms: contusion
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    the purple or black-and-blue area resulting from a bruise
    a minute red or purple spot on the surface of the skin as the result of tiny hemorrhages of blood vessels in the skin (as in typhoid fever)
    black eye, mouse, shiner
    a swollen bruise caused by a blow to the eye
    type of:
    harm, hurt, injury, trauma
    any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
  2. verb
    injure the underlying soft tissue or bone of
    “I bruised my knee”
    synonyms: contuse
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    crush, jam
    crush or bruise
    type of:
    injure, wound
    cause injuries or bodily harm to
  3. verb
    hurt the feelings of
    “This remark really bruised my ego”
    synonyms: hurt, injure, offend, spite, wound
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    affront, diss, insult
    treat, mention, or speak to rudely
    deeply hurt the feelings of; distress
    cause an emotional pain, as if by stinging
    abase, chagrin, humble, humiliate, mortify
    cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
    crush, demolish, smash
    humiliate or depress completely
    degrade, demean, disgrace, put down, take down
    reduce in worth or character, usually verbally
    type of:
    arouse, elicit, enkindle, evoke, fire, kindle, pique, provoke, raise
    call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  4. verb
    damage (plant tissue) by abrasion or pressure
    “The customer bruised the strawberries by squeezing them”
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    type of:
    inflict damage upon
  5. verb
    break up into small pieces for food preparation
    bruise the berries with a wooden spoon and strain them”
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    type of:
    break into small pieces
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