Demolish means “completely destroy,” as a wrecking ball might demolish a building, or as hanging out with one’s parents might, supposedly, demolish a teenager’s reputation.

In casual speech, demolish can also mean “devour,” as a group of hungry teenagers might demolish a pizza. The noun form of demolish is demolition, which often implies destruction by means of explosives. Demolish combines the prefix de-, which can mean “undo,” with the Latin verb moliri, meaning “to build" — which makes sense if you are thinking of 'undoing a building' with explosives!

Definitions of demolish
  1. verb
    destroy completely
    “the wrecking ball demolished the building”
    demolish your enemies”
    synonyms: pulverise, pulverize
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    type of:
    destroy, destruct
    do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of
  2. verb
    defeat soundly
    “The home team demolished the visitors”
    synonyms: destroy
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    overthrow or destroy (something considered evil or harmful)
    engulf and destroy
    cut to ribbons
    defeat totally
    type of:
    defeat, get the better of, overcome
    win a victory over
  3. verb
    humiliate or depress completely
    synonyms: crush, smash
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    type of:
    abase, chagrin, humble, humiliate, mortify
    cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
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