From fake flowers to faux food flavors, our world is full of things that are artificial –- that is, produced by humans rather than by nature.

While artificial can simply mean “made by humans,” it’s often used in a negative sense, conveying the idea that an artificial product is inferior to the real thing. If you remark that your friend’s new hair color looks artificial, for example, you’re not paying her a compliment. Artificial can also describe a behavior or expression that seems insincere — much like the smile on your girlfriend’s face if you bring her artificial flowers instead of real ones.

Definitions of artificial

adj contrived by art rather than nature

artificial flowers”
artificial flavoring”
“an artificial diamond”
artificial fibers”
artificial sweeteners”
counterfeit, imitative
not genuine; imitating something superior
arranged, staged
deliberately arranged for effect
having particular physiological functions augmented or replaced by electronic or electromechanical components
bleached, colored, coloured, dyed
(used of color) artificially produced; not natural
cardboard, unlifelike
without substance
celluloid, synthetic
artificial as if portrayed in a film
conventionalised, conventionalized, stylised, stylized
using artistic forms and conventions to create effects; not natural or spontaneous
having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function
ersatz, substitute
artificial and inferior
not produced by natural forces
fake, false, faux, imitation, simulated
not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article
man-made, semisynthetic, synthetic
not of natural origin; prepared or made artificially
closely resembling the genuine article
lacking substance or vitality as if produced by painting
lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria
existing in or produced by nature; not artificial or imitation
in accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature
unbleached, uncolored, undyed
not artificially colored or bleached
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adj not arising from natural growth or characterized by vital processes

lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms

adj artificially formal

“that artificial humility that her husband hated”
contrived, hokey, stilted
affected, unnatural
speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression

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