The heavy, rigid paper that's used to make the boxes you use for mailing things is called cardboard. Cardboard also comes in handy for crafts and projects in classrooms.

A lot of cardboard is made from several layers of thick paper, so that it's stiff and strong, and protects items inside cardboard boxes. You can also use the word cardboard to describe a fictional character who doesn't seem real: "The mother in the movie was such a cardboard character." In the 18th century, cardboard was known as card paper.

Definitions of cardboard
  1. noun
    a stiff moderately thick paper
    synonyms: composition board
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    binder board, binder's board
    a cardboard used by bookbinders to make covers for books
    thin cardboard, usually rectangular
    corrugated board, corrugated cardboard
    cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)
    paperboard, poster board, posterboard
    a cardboard suitable for making posters
    stiff cardboard made by pasting together layers of paper
    a coarse yellow cardboard made of straw pulp
    a card used with a time clock to record an employee's starting and quitting times each day
    stout pasteboard used to bind books
    type of:
    a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses
    packing, packing material, wadding
    any material used especially to protect something
  2. adjective
    without substance
    cardboard caricatures of historical figures”
    synonyms: unlifelike
    artificial, unreal
    contrived by art rather than nature
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