You should have known that copy of the "Declaration of Independence" was a fake when you saw it was signed by "Jon Hancrock" instead of "John Hancock." Something that's fake isn't authentic.

A person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake. When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake. As a verb, fake means to take an action with the intent to deceive. If you've ever tried to fake a grade on your report card, you know that it's especially hard to change an F to an A.

Definitions of fake
  1. noun
    something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be
    synonyms: postiche, sham
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    fake book
    a fake in the form of an imitation book; used to fill bookcases of people who wish to appear scholarly
    Potemkin village
    something that seems impressive but in fact lacks substance
    type of:
    something copied or derived from an original
  2. noun
    a person who makes deceitful pretenses
    synonyms: faker, fraud, humbug, imposter, impostor, pretender, pseud, pseudo, role player, sham, shammer
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    name dropper
    someone who pretends that famous people are his/her friends
    a contestant entered in a competition under false pretenses
    type of:
    beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster
    someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
  3. noun
    (football) a deceptive move made by a football player
    synonyms: juke
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    type of:
    any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack)
  4. adjective
    not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article
    “it isn't fake anything”
    synonyms: false, faux, imitation, simulated
    artificial, unreal
    contrived by art rather than nature
  5. adjective
    fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
    synonyms: bastard, bogus, phoney, phony
    counterfeit, imitative
    not genuine; imitating something superior
  6. verb
    make a copy of with the intent to deceive
    “he faked the signature”
    synonyms: counterfeit, forge
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    type of:
    create anew
  7. verb
    tamper, with the purpose of deception
    synonyms: cook, falsify, fudge, manipulate, misrepresent, wangle
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    manipulate by or as if by moving around components
    type of:
    cheat, chisel
    engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud
  8. verb
    speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths
    “The politician was not well prepared for the debate and faked it”
    synonyms: bull, talk through one's hat
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    type of:
    affect, dissemble, feign, pretend, sham
    make believe with the intent to deceive
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