If you see something that seems fake since it was too perfectly planned out, call it contrived. If you can easily predict the final minutes of a made-for-TV movie, then call it contrived.

The adjective contrived describes something that is artificially planned, especially in an obvious way, so it comes across as faked or forced. It's not just drama that can come off as contrived. Someone's speech habits, wardrobe, or even personality can seem contrived. Whenever someone appears as if he or she is "trying too hard," they might seem contrived, or the opposite of "natural."

Definitions of contrived

adj showing effects of planning or manipulation

“a novel with a contrived ending”
designed or carried out according to a plan

adj artificially formal

contrived coyness”
artificial, hokey, stilted
affected, unnatural
speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression

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