When you adjust to something, you change so that you can fit in, conform, or keep on going. Arriving at a new school almost always requires that you adjust a little. Once you adjust, you'll find you're as happy as you were in your old school.

To adjust doesn't mean to transform in a major way. It implies small but important changes that make a big difference. If you adjust your speed by just ten miles per hour, you'll get more than fifty more miles per fill-up. You can adjust your hair to make it fancier, you can adjust your lifestyle to make it more sober, or you can adjust your attitude to make yourself less annoying. You used to have to adjust your TV antenna to get a better picture. Ask your mom.

Definitions of adjust
  1. verb
    alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard
    Adjust the clock, please”
    synonyms: correct, set
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    adjust in size relative to other things
    adjust the pitch, tone, or volume of
    adjust the pitch (of pianos)
    tune, tune up
    adjust the pitches of (musical instruments)
    calibrate, fine-tune, graduate
    make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring
    tune, tune up
    adjust for (better) functioning
    adjust so that a force is applied and an action occurs at the desired time
    adjust (sails on a ship) so that the wind is optimally used
    zero, zero in
    adjust (as by firing under test conditions) the zero of (a gun)
    adjust (an instrument or device) to zero value
    readjust, reset
    adjust again after an initial failure
    adjust or accustom to; bring into harmony with
    regulate or set the time of
    set to a certain position or cause to operate correctly
    modulate, regulate
    fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
    focalise, focalize, focus, sharpen
    put (an image) into focus
    sync, synchronise, synchronize
    make synchronous and adjust in time or manner
    pressurise, pressurize
    increase the pressure in or of
    decompress, depressurise, depressurize
    decrease the pressure of
    fit, match
    make correspond or harmonize
    adjust with a plumb line so as to make vertical
    align, coordinate, ordinate
    bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination correlation
    harmonise, harmonize, reconcile
    bring into consonance or accord
    linearise, linearize
    make linear or get into a linear form
    adjust the spaces between words
    accustom to urban ways
    carefully manipulate, adjust, or bring to a desired state
    set to zero
    fine-tune, tweak
    adjust finely
    put again into focus or focus more sharply
    adjust so as to be in a synchronized condition
    cause to lose air pressure or collapse by piercing
    scale down
    reduce proportionally
    scale up
    increase proportionally
    make fit for use
    align imperfectly or badly
    harmonize with or adjust to
    advance, set ahead
    move forward
    tune in
    regulate (a radio or television set) in order to receive a certain station or program
    balance, equilibrate, equilibrise, equilibrize
    bring into balance or equilibrium
    type of:
    alter, change, modify
    cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
  2. verb
    make correspondent or conformable
    Adjust your eyes to the darkness”
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    type of:
    accommodate, adapt
    make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose
  3. verb
    place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight
    synonyms: align, aline, line up
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    turn or place at an angle
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    adjust and aim (a golf ball) at in preparation of hitting
    synchronise, synchronize
    cause to indicate the same time or rate
    realign, realine
    align anew or better
    true, true up
    make level, square, balanced, or concentric
    adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument)
    concenter, concentre, focalise, focalize, focus
    bring into focus or alignment; to converge or cause to converge; of ideas or emotions
    focus anew
    type of:
    set or arrange in a new or different determinate position
  4. verb
    adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions
    “We must adjust to the bad economic situation”
    synonyms: adapt, conform
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    readapt, readjust
    adjust anew
    adapt anew
    become similar to one's environment
    focalise, focalize, focus
    become focussed or come into focus
    acclimate, acclimatise, acclimatize
    get used to a certain climate
    be equal or harmonize
    be obedient to
    cause to match, as of ideas or acts
    assimilate culturally
    abide by, comply, follow
    act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes
    take orders
    receive and be expected to follow directions or commands
    heed, listen, mind
    pay close attention to; give heed to
    type of:
    undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature
  5. verb
    decide how much is to be paid on an insurance claim
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    type of:
    adjudicate, decide, dispose, resolve, settle
    bring to an end; settle conclusively
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