Calculus: List 1

Make math class exponentially easier by reviewing this list of terms that are integral to Calculus. You'll learn about differentiation, derivatives, limits, functions, series, and more.

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  1. absolute value
    a real number regardless of its sign
  2. acceleration
    an increase in rate of change
  3. area
    the extent of a two-dimensional surface within a boundary
  4. asymptote
    a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve
  5. asymptotic
    relating to or of the nature of an asymptote
  6. calculus
    mathematics involving derivatives and integrals of function
  7. concavity
    the property possessed by a concave shape
  8. continuity
    uninterrupted connection or union
  9. continuous
    moving in time or space without interruption
  10. convergence
    the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit
  11. definite integral
    the integral of a function over a definite interval
  12. derivative
    the result of mathematical differentiation
  13. differential calculus
    the part of calculus that deals with the variation of a function with respect to changes in the independent variable (or variables) by means of the concepts of derivative and differential
  14. differential equation
    an equation containing differentials of a function
  15. differentiation
    the process of obtaining the derivative of a function
  16. discontinuous
    of a function or curve
  17. divergence
    an infinite series that has no limit
  18. equation
    a mathematical statement that two expressions are the same
  19. exponential function
    a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent
  20. extremum
    the most extreme possible amount or value
  21. first derivative
    the result of mathematical differentiation
  22. function
    a mathematical relation associating elements between sets
Created on July 25, 2022 (updated August 2, 2022)

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