Grades 9–10: List 1

Vocabulary is key to performing well on Common Core-aligned tests for English Language Arts as well as for building literacy in social studies, science, and technical subjects. This collection features common tier-2 words that are taught and tested in Grades 9 and 10. These words are used in a variety of contexts, exhibit different shades of meaning based on those contexts, and appear commonly in classroom instruction and on standardized assessments.

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  1. accurate
    characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth
    “This is number twenty-three,” Marco repeats, checking his notes to make certain the number is accurate.The Night Circus
  2. accuracy
    the quality of being near to the true value
    “People have used these books for centuries. Their accuracy is beyond dispute.”The Secret History
  3. inaccurate
    not exact
    “Those books are sixty years old and full of inaccurate science.”The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
  4. information
    a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
    “Well,” Mr. Bonner goes on, “if the person feels as though they have enough information—names, dates, access to primary sources like newspapers and photographs—they can seek out some truth that way.”Fast Pitch
  5. acknowledge
    declare to be true or admit the existence or reality of
    She didn’t want to acknowledge the truth because then it couldn’t be avoided, but the words escaped her anyway.Beasts of Prey
  6. address
    act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression
    “Our office will address the issue as necessary later this week.”Millionaires for the Month
  7. oppose
    be against
    This statement was strongly opposed by the others, and Constance was elected to speak for them.Redwall
  8. opposite
    altogether different in nature or quality or significance
    Dari seemed so nervous and Twig was so confident that I couldn’t help but laugh at how opposite they were.The Science of Breakable Things
  9. viewpoint
    a mental position from which things are considered
    “And this time I want you to come ready to speak up. I think your viewpoint is going to be particularly valuable.”The Benefits of Being an Octopus
  10. counterclaim
    an opinion offered in opposition to another position
    These new standards suggest that students should “develop skills” to debate scientific issues, and support their arguments, “either claims or counterclaims with evidence.”New York Times (Apr 10, 2015)
  11. potential
    existing in possibility
    Frantic, I start yanking her letters out of the box, checking the dates, scanning each page for potential hints.I Can Make This Promise
  12. counterargument
    an opinion offered in opposition to another position
    Of course, responsible writers have to deal with counterarguments and counterevidence.The Sense of Style
  13. claim
    an assertion that something is true or factual
    This is a common claim but it's not supported by evidence.BBC (Jul 24, 2022)
  14. affix
    a linguistic element added to a word
    The word affix signifies either a prefix or a suffix; and the verb to affix means to join a prefix or a suffix to a root-word. New Word-Analysis
  15. analysis
    literary criticism considering the structure of a text
    I tell her that I do not think a history of the Pledge of Allegiance or an analysis of the First Amendment is going to win many votes.The Misfits
  16. antonym
    a word that expresses an opposite meaning
    Among the antonyms for “nice” in Roget’s Thesaurus are “ugly,” “horrible,” “nasty” and “repulsive.”Washington Post (Dec 20, 2020)
  17. argument
    an assertion offered as evidence that something is true
    If a writer believes that 90 percent of the evidence and argument supports a position, then something like 90 percent of the discussion should be devoted to the reasons for believing it.The Sense of Style
  18. argumentative
    proceeding to a conclusion by systematic reasoning
    “We’re articulate and argumentative,” said Mr. Das, who is currently editing a 15-volume history of trade in India from 300 B.C. to the present, to be published by Penguin India.New York Times (Jul 6, 2011)
  19. text
    the main body of a written work
    I pretended I was reading from the book, flipping pages reg­ularly, but I had abandoned the text altogether, taken over the story, and made up my own.The Kite Runner
  20. essay
    an analytic or interpretive literary composition
    Miss K suggested he could go to the library, look up facts about mice, and write an essay about them.Ralph S. Mouse
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