Grade 5: List 7

Vocabulary is key to performing well on Common Core-aligned tests for English Language Arts as well as for building literacy in social studies, science, and technical subjects. This collection features common tier-2 words that are taught and tested at every grade level. These words are used in a variety of contexts, exhibit different shades of meaning based on those contexts, and appear commonly in classroom instruction and on standardized assessments.

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  1. exact
    characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth
    “This isn’t fiction, Minny. It’s sociology. It has to sound exact.”The Help
  2. choice
    the act of selecting
    For nearly two weeks, the team debated word choices, occasionally emailing Ms. Gorman for clarifications.New York Times (Mar 26, 2021)
  3. spell
    write or name the letters that comprise the accepted form of
    Then Nigel said, still balancing on one leg and facing the wall, "Miss Honey taught us how to spell a new very long word yesterday."Matilda
  4. stanza
    a fixed number of lines of verse forming a unit of a poem
    I hummed a stanza of Areida’s favorite song, a sad one, about a farmer whose family is starving.Ella Enchanted
  5. sentence
    a string of words satisfying grammatical rules of a language
    His paper is blank except for its title and opening sentence.The Boy Who Dared
  6. set
    a group of things of the same kind that belong together
    I point to a set of photos of rooms I like.Finding Junie Kim
  7. pair
    a set of two similar things considered as a unit
    Those standing closest edged backward as a pair of guardsmen marched through.A Game of Thrones
  8. line
    a row of text written across a page or computer screen
    I pull out my phone, and we stand in the shade of a tree as I show her the lines he wrote.All The Bright Places
  9. summary
    a brief statement that presents the main points
    “Write a summary of the passage, one hundred and fifty words.”Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
  10. summarize
    briefly present the main points of something
    “It’s simple reading comprehension. Read the paragraph and summarize, in a couple of sentences, what it was about. That’s it. It’s not rocket science.”A Very Large Expanse of Sea
  11. support
    establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
    This is the evidence that supports her position.The Benefits of Being an Octopus
  12. synonym
    a word that expresses the same or similar meaning
    There are appropriate synonyms for “president,” including “chief executive.”Washington Post (Jun 19, 2020)
  13. theme
    a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary work
    Reading 2: Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text.Music and the Child
  14. thesaurus
    a book containing a classified list of synonyms
    Use a thesaurus and dictionary to find word alternatives.Seattle Times (Jan 31, 2011)
  15. timeline
    a sequence of events arranged in chronological order
    The following is a timeline of major acts that have been passed for this purpose.1919 The Year That Changed America
  16. title
    the name of a work of art or literary composition
    “Go down to the library and fetch me a book. The title is A Children’s Garden of Verses. Surely you can manage that?”Ophie's Ghosts
  17. topic
    the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
    Maybe this could be the topic of the story for the film Amelia, Serenity, and I are working on.I Can Make This Promise
  18. transition
    a passage or word that connects a topic to one that follows
    "I meant to say a transition word like 'however,' but used the Chinese version instead," she says. Wired
  19. trustworthy
    worthy of trust or belief
    In both cases, people can avoid falling prey to these scams by using trustworthy sites and avoiding unrealistic discounts or offers.Fox News (Dec 13, 2021)
  20. verb
    a word denoting an action, occurrence, or state of existence
    One day we worked on verb tenses: “I surf the Net, I surfed the Net, I was surfing the Net.”Speak
  21. tense
    a category of verbs used to express distinctions of time
    One day we worked on verb tenses: “I surf the Net, I surfed the Net, I was surfing the Net.”Speak
  22. shift
    change in quality
    Twig’s eyebrows pinched as she noticed my mood shift for the first time, but she stepped back and handed me the egg.The Science of Breakable Things
  23. webpage
    a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser
    He showed me how to get online, how to visit a webpage, how to write an email.Educated
  24. website
    a set of pages on the internet organized as a single unit
    I opened the Harvard website on my phone and searched for Professor Thomas’s name.From the Desk of Zoe Washington
Created on July 5, 2022 (updated August 30, 2022)

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