Grade 5: List 5

Vocabulary is key to performing well on Common Core-aligned tests for English Language Arts as well as for building literacy in social studies, science, and technical subjects. This collection features common tier-2 words that are taught and tested at every grade level. These words are used in a variety of contexts, exhibit different shades of meaning based on those contexts, and appear commonly in classroom instruction and on standardized assessments.

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  1. event
    something that happens at a given place and time
    Whenever any creature broke loose on Zuckerman’s farm, the event was of great interest to the others.Charlotte's Web
  2. point
    an isolated fact considered separately from the whole
    A look of disgust crosses Namontack’s face, as if he is not quite sure how to tell me his next point.Blood on the River
  3. main
    most important element
    And one of the main reasons I write is to ask questions and figure things out for myself.The Misfits
  4. problem
    a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved
    “Speaking of solving problems,” said Miss K, “do you think fighting is a good way to settle arguments?”Ralph S. Mouse
  5. meaning
    the message that is intended or expressed or signified
    And the Beast wanted those words to fit together just so, to explain his meaning.The Girl Who Drank the Moon
  6. mental picture
    a clear and telling mental image
    Right away, the script had to reveal where the story was happening and who the characters were, providing enough details for the listener to form a mental picture.Spooked!
  7. narrative
    consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story
    Certain narrative works, novels as well as films, provide illumination different from what might be found in journalism or history.New York Times (Apr 7, 2022)
  8. narrator
    someone who tells a story
    “And it came to pass that all the people had to go pay taxes,” Helen Spencer, as the first narrator, was saying in a loud and proper voice.Stella by Starlight
  9. opinion
    a personal belief or judgment
    My parents keep making all of these decisions without talking to me, like my opinion doesn’t matter.A Soft Place to Land
  10. agree
    achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose
    Twenty-one children agreed that Ralph had found a better way to run the maze.Ralph S. Mouse
  11. disagree
    be of different opinions
    Dicey disagreed with her grandmother whenever she thought her grandmother was being unfair.Homecoming
  12. opposite
    altogether different in nature or quality or significance
    Dari seemed so nervous and Twig was so confident that I couldn’t help but laugh at how opposite they were.The Science of Breakable Things
  13. organize
    cause to be structured according to some principle or idea
    Biff bowed his head and organized the story he had just heard into a neat pattern.The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  14. organized
    formed into a structured or coherent whole
    His book focuses on — and is organized by — six of the region’s provinces.New York Times (Dec 3, 2019)
  15. passage
    a section of text, particularly a section of medium length
    When I finished reading that passage, I read it again.The Thing About Jellyfish
  16. phrase
    an expression consisting of one or more words
    And on the white painted wall across from it, it projects the phrase, “A Short Film by Nora Ramos, coming soon.”A Soft Place to Land
  17. plot
    the story that is told, as in a novel, play, movie, etc.
    He describes the plot without giving too many details.I Can Make This Promise
  18. viewpoint
    a mental position from which things are considered
    But when I think about it now, I can see things more from Ruth’s viewpoint.Never Let Me Go
  19. write
    produce a literary work
    Miss K suggested he could go to the library, look up facts about mice, and write an essay about them.Ralph S. Mouse
  20. presentation
    a show or display
    Each group was assigned a place in the world and then had to give a presentation like we were tour guides.A Good Kind of Trouble
Created on July 5, 2022 (updated August 30, 2022)

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