Difficult words starting with D-I

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  1. delusion
    a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea
  2. despot
    a cruel and oppressive dictator
  3. dappled
    having spots or patches of color
  4. depredation
    an act of plundering and pillaging and marauding
  5. dossier
    papers containing detailed information about a person
  6. detraction
    a petty disparagement
  7. decimate
    kill in large numbers
  8. doleful
    filled with or evoking sadness
  9. digress
    wander from a direct or straight course
  10. dinghy
    a small boat of shallow draft
  11. decorous
    characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste
  12. diatribe
    thunderous verbal attack
  13. dissimulate
    hide feelings from other people
  14. dilatory
    wasting time
  15. disposition
    a natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency
  16. dispatch
    killing a person or animal
  17. duress
    compulsory force or threat
  18. diaphanous
    so thin as to transmit light
  19. divulge
    make known to the public information previously kept secret
  20. dissolution
    degenerate indulgence in sensual pleasure
  21. deleterious
    harmful to living things
  22. dissension
    disagreement among those expected to cooperate
  23. denizen
    a plant or animal naturalized in a region
  24. disarray
    untidiness, especially of clothing and appearance
  25. discordant
    not in agreement or harmony
  26. diffident
    showing modest reserve
  27. dissipate
    spend frivolously and unwisely
  28. drab
    lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise
  29. disaffected
    discontented as toward authority
  30. decrepit
    worn and broken down by hard use
  31. diligent
    quietly and steadily persevering in detail or exactness
  32. discomfit
    cause to lose one's composure
  33. demented
    affected with madness or insanity
  34. dally
    behave carelessly or indifferently
  35. dilate
    become wider
  36. delusive
    inappropriate to reality or facts
  37. decadence
    the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities
  38. deluge
    a heavy rain
  39. decant
    pour out
  40. dowdy
    lacking in stylishness or taste
  41. debase
    make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance
  42. demoniac
    someone who acts as if possessed by a demon
  43. demure
    shy or modest, often in a playful or provocative way
  44. delirium
    a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion
  45. defection
    withdrawing support or help despite allegiance
  46. debunk
    expose while ridiculing
  47. decrepit
    worn and broken down by hard use
  48. decrepitude
    a state of deterioration due to old age or long use
  49. discomfit
    cause to lose one's composure
  50. defeatist
    someone who is resigned to an unsuccessful ending
  51. doddering
    mentally or physically infirm with age
  52. drone
    make a monotonous low dull sound
  53. discredit
    the state of being held in low esteem
  54. daze
    confusion characterized by lack of clarity
  55. dexterous
    skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands
  56. dubious
    fraught with uncertainty or doubt
  57. disband
    cause to break up or cease to function
  58. diurnal
    having a daily cycle or occurring every day
  59. dogged
    stubbornly unyielding
  60. daub
    an unskillful painting
  61. devolve
    pass on or delegate to another
  62. distraught
    deeply agitated especially from emotion
  63. dictum
    an authoritative declaration
  64. dissonance
    disagreeable sounds
  65. distrait
    having the attention diverted especially because of anxiety
  66. disinter
    dig up for reburial or for medical investigation
  67. despondent
    without or almost without hope
  68. drivel
    a worthless message
  69. derelict
    a person without a home, job, or property
  70. dowse
    use a divining rod in search of underground water or metal
  71. delve
    turn up, loosen, or remove earth
  72. dint
    force or effort
  73. diadem
    an ornamental jeweled headdress signifying sovereignty
  74. dapper
    marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners
  75. diminution
    change toward something smaller or lower
  76. deadpan
    deliberately impassive in manner
  77. devious
    deviating from a straight course
  78. disjunction
    state of being disconnected
  79. dissuade
    turn away from by persuasion
  80. demotic
    of or for the common people
  81. deference
    courteous regard for people's feelings
  82. deprecate
    express strong disapproval of; deplore
  83. disenfranchise
    deprive of voting rights
  84. defray
    bear the expenses of
  85. decoy
    something used to lure fish or other animals
  86. dank
    unpleasantly cool and humid
  87. depose
    force to leave an office
  88. dispel
    to cause to separate and go in different directions
  89. desiccate
    lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless
  90. dolorous
    showing sorrow
  91. dappled
    having spots or patches of color
  92. descry
    catch sight of
  93. derision
    the act of treating with contempt
  94. dismember
    divide into pieces
  95. deign
    do something that one considers to be below one's dignity
  96. dinghy
    a small boat of shallow draft
  97. doggerel
    a comic verse of irregular measure
  98. deserts
    an outcome (good or bad) that is well deserved
  99. discerning
    having or revealing keen insight and good judgment
  100. drudge
    a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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