A detraction is the opposite of an attraction––it is something bad about someone or something. If you love peace and quiet and you’re thinking about buying a house, a location on a major road would be a detraction.

Detraction comes from detract, which means to diminish, or to speak badly of someone or something. If you run for office, it is bad form to spew detractions of your opponent’s character. Unfortunately, this is exactly how many political campaigns work. Detractions can also be interferences. The noise of the party next door might be a detraction from your attention while you’re studying.

Definitions of detraction
  1. noun
    a petty disparagement
    synonyms: petty criticism
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    type of:
    depreciation, derogation, disparagement
    a communication that belittles somebody or something
  2. noun
    the act of discrediting or detracting from someone's reputation (especially by slander)
    “let it be no detraction from his merits to say he is plainspoken”
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    type of:
    disparagement, dispraise
    the act of speaking contemptuously of
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