White Fang chapter 3

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  1. auspicious
    indicating favorable circumstances and good luck
    The day began auspiciously. Pg. 22
  2. awe
    an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
    With his rifle, in broad daylight, it might be possible for him to awe the wolves and save the dog. Pg. 24
  3. utilize
    put into service
    There were still several hours of gray daylight and somber twilight, and he utilized them in chopping an enormous supply of firewood. Pg. 27
  4. certitude
    complete assurance or confidence
    This certitude was shown by the whole pack. Pg. 28
  5. cunning
    showing inventiveness and skill
    He glanced at the hand that held the brand, noticing the cunning delicacy of the fingers. Pg. 29
  6. precarious
    not secure; beset with difficulties
    Never had he been so fond of this body of his as now when his tenure of it was so precarious. Pg. 30
  7. protracted
    relatively long in duration
    His two dogs were missing and he well knew that they had served as a course in the protracted meal which had begun days before with Fatty, the last course of which would likely be himself in the days to follow. Pg. 32
  8. dubiously
    in a doubtful manner
    He regarded her carefully and dubiously, yet desire fully. Pg. 23
  9. rouse
    cause to become awake or conscious
    Once, he roused with a start and hastily got the axe out from underneath the lashings. Pg. 25
  10. intervene
    be placed or located between other things
    He kept the fire brightly blazing, for he knew that it alone intervened between the flesh of his body and their hungry fangs.
Created on August 31, 2013 (updated September 1, 2013)

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