"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain, Chapters 22-30

Good-hearted but mischievous, Tom Sawyer can't keep himself out of trouble as he grows up in a small town on the Mississippi River. Read the full text here.

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  1. abstain
    choose not to consume
    He promised to abstain from smoking, chewing, and profanity as long as he remained a member.
  2. concern
    a feeling of sympathy for someone or something
    During three days Tom was deeply concerned about the Judge's condition and hungry for news of it.
  3. envy
    a desire to have something that is possessed by another
    The Cadets paraded in a style calculated to kill the late member with envy.
  4. hubbub
    loud confused noise from many sources
    He covered his head with the bedclothes and waited in a horror of suspense for his doom; for he had not the shadow of a doubt that all this hubbub was about him.
  5. absorb
    consume all of one's attention or time
    It became the absorbing topic of village talk immediately.
  6. persuade
    cause somebody to adopt a certain position or belief
    Every reference to the murder sent a shudder to his heart, for his troubled conscience and fears almost persuaded him that these remarks were put forth in his hearing as "feelers"; he did not see how he could be suspected of knowing anything about the murder, but still he could not be comfortable in the midst of this gossip.
  7. discreet
    marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint
    Moreover, he wanted to assure himself that Huck had remained discreet.
  8. saunter
    walk leisurely and with no apparent aim
    Tom kept his ears open when idlers sauntered out of the court-room, but invariably heard distressing news -- the toils were closing more and more relentlessly around poor Potter.
  9. testify
    give a solemn statement in a court of law
    Now a witness was called who testified that he found Muff Potter washing in the brook, at an early hour of the morning that the murder was discovered, and that he immediately sneaked away.
  10. reproof
    an act or expression of criticism and censure
    The perplexity and dissatisfaction of the house expressed itself in murmurs and provoked a reproof from the bench.
  11. reign
    rule or have supreme power
    A groan escaped from poor Potter, and he put his face in his hands and rocked his body softly to and fro, while a painful silence reigned in the court-room.
  12. perceptible
    easily seen or detected
    Injun Joe gave a barely perceptible start.
  13. immortal
    not subject to death
    His name even went into immortal print, for the village paper magnified him.
  14. formidable
    extremely impressive in strength or excellence
    Since Tom's harassed conscience had managed to drive him to the lawyer's house by night and wring a dread tale from lips that had been sealed with the dismalest and most formidable of oaths, Huck's confidence in the human race was well-nigh obliterated.
  15. insecure
    lacking in safety
    But you can't hang a "clew" for murder, and so after that detective had got through and gone home, Tom felt just as insecure as he was before.
  16. yonder
    distant but within sight
    "I reckon maybe we'll tackle the old tree that's over yonder on Cardiff Hill back of the widow's."
  17. lurk
    lie in wait or behave in a sneaky and secretive manner
    Spirits whispered in the rustling leaves, ghosts lurked in the murky nooks, the deep baying of a hound floated up out of the distance, an owl answered with his sepulchral note.
  18. fulfill
    meet a want or need
    The thing failed this time, however, so the boys shouldered their tools and went away feeling that they had not trifled with fortune, but had fulfilled all the requirements that belong to the business of treasure-hunting.
  19. unkempt
    not properly maintained or cared for
    "T'other" was a ragged, unkempt creature, with nothing very pleasant in his face.
  20. auspices
    kindly endorsement and guidance
    Here was treasurehunting under the happiest auspices -- there would not be any bothersome uncertainty as to where to dig.
  21. unearth
    recover through digging
    The box was soon unearthed.
  22. misfortune
    a state resulting from unfavorable outcomes
    He would have hidden the silver with the gold to wait there till his "revenge" was satisfied, and then he would have had the misfortune to find that money turn up missing.
  23. palpable
    capable of being perceived
    Company would be a palpable improvement, he thought.
  24. resemble
    be similar or bear a likeness to
    Nobody entered the alley or left it; nobody resembling the Spaniard entered or left the tavern door.
  25. tote
    carry with difficulty
    I tote water for Uncle Jake whenever he wants me to, and any time I ask him he gives me a little something to eat if he can spare it.
  26. laden
    filled with a great quantity
    The old steam ferry-boat was chartered for the occasion; presently the gay throng filed up the main street laden with provision-baskets.
  27. labyrinth
    complex system of paths in which it is easy to get lost
    Dougal's cave was but a vast labyrinth of crooked aisles that ran into each other and out again and led nowhere.
  28. ominous
    threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
    The hooting of an owl came over the hill -- ominous sound!
  29. lag
    hang or fall in movement, progress, development, etc.
    There was a lagging, anxious silence, and then all of a sudden there was an explosion of firearms and a cry.
  30. blunder
    an embarrassing mistake
    He made several efforts to creep out of his scrape, but the old man's eye was upon him and he made blunder after blunder.
  31. embellishment
    the act of adding extraneous decorations to something
    When you talked about notching ears and slitting noses I judged that that was your own embellishment, because white men don't take that sort of revenge.
  32. beholden
    under a moral obligation to someone
    There's another that you're more beholden to than you are to me and my boys, maybe, but he don't allow me to tell his name.
  33. countenance
    the appearance conveyed by a person's face
    Whispers passed along, and a boding uneasiness took possession of every countenance.
  34. scarcely
    almost not
    The accidental discovery, just made, that the proprietor of the Temperance Tavern kept liquor on his premises, scarcely fluttered the public pulse, tremendous as the fact was.

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