"The Flight of Icarus" Vocabulary

As you read Sally Benson's retelling of the Greek myth about "The Flight of Icarus," learn this word list.

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  1. ignorant
    uneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication
  2. appreciate
    be fully aware of; realize fully
  3. anxiety
    a vague unpleasant emotion in anticipation of a misfortune
  4. glorious
    having great beauty and splendor
  5. moderate
    being within reasonable or average limits
  6. plunge
    dash violently or with great speed or impetuosity
  7. precisely
    in a sharply exact manner
  8. dissolve
    pass into a solution
  9. ingenious
    showing inventiveness and skill
  10. descent
    a movement downward
  11. flutter
    flap the wings rapidly or fly with flapping movements
  12. cushion
    protect from impact
  13. poised
    marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action
  14. misgiving
    uneasiness about the fitness of an action
  15. prowess
    a superior skill learned by study and practice
  16. disintegrate
    break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity
  17. submerged
    beneath the surface of the water
  18. frantically
    in an uncontrolled manner
  19. exaltation
    a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
  20. plummet
    drop sharply
Created on September 7, 2016

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