The verb plummet means "to drop sharply," like eagles that plummet toward earth, seeking prey, or school attendance that plummets when there is a flu outbreak.

To correctly pronounce plummet, say "PLUH-met." This verb describes something that drops sharply or quickly, like a roller coaster that plummets down a hill, temperatures that plummet overnight, or sales of roses and candy that plummet after Valentine's Day. If something plummets, this doesn't mean it will stay down or low forever, just that it has experienced a sharp drop.

Definitions of plummet
  1. verb
    drop sharply
    “The stock market plummeted
    synonyms: plump
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    type of:
    to fall vertically
  2. noun
    the metal bob of a plumb line
    synonyms: plumb, plumb bob
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    type of:
    a hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string
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