The adverb precisely describes something done with complete accuracy or perfection. When you speak precisely, you pronounce each word completely and clearly — and you say exactly what you mean.

Something that's done precisely is done with great care, the way you'd set the table according to your grandmother's demands, precisely following her instructions about where knives and forks should go. You can also use precisely to tell about an exact time, like meeting a friend under the big clock at precisely 12:30. On its own, precisely can substitute for yes or exactly.

Definitions of precisely
  1. adverb
    in a precise manner
    “she always expressed herself precisely
    synonyms: exactly, incisively
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    imprecisely, inexactly
    in an imprecise manner
  2. adverb
    indicating exactness or preciseness
    synonyms: exactly, just
  3. adverb
    just as it should be
    “` Precisely, my lord,' he said”
    synonyms: exactly, on the button, on the dot, on the nose
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