Security means safety, as well as the measures taken to be safe or protected. In order to provide adequate security for the parade, town officials often hire extra guards.

A small child will sometimes latch on to a blanket or stuffed animal that gives him or her the feeling of security. Often this word is used in compounds such as a security measure, security check or security guard. The security department in a business is sometimes just called security. If there's a troublesome customer at your work, call security to take him away. In the financial world, a stock or bond is also called a security.

Primary Meanings of security

the state of being free from danger or injury
defense against financial failure; financial independence
a guarantee that an obligation will be met
a department responsible for the security of the institution's property and workers
an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in
Full Definitions of security

n the state of being free from danger or injury

“we support the armed services in the name of national security
the state of being subject to danger or injury
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peace, public security
the general security of public places
the state of freedom from fear or danger
protection, shelter
the condition of being protected
indemnity, insurance
protection against future loss
protection against harmful effects of radiation
Type of:
the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions

n freedom from anxiety or fear

“the watch dog gave her a feeling of security
a feeling of trust (in someone or something)
Type of:
bravery, fearlessness
feeling no fear

n measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc.

“military security has been stepped up since the recent uprising”
security measures
Type of:
guard, precaution, safeguard
a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc.

n defense against financial failure; financial independence

“his pension gave him security in his old age”
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easy street
financial security
hedge, hedging
any technique designed to reduce or eliminate financial risk; for example, taking two positions that will offset each other if prices change
promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company
a British term for some kinds of insurance
automobile insurance, car insurance
insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents
business interruption insurance
insurance that provides protection for the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril
insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters
fire insurance
insurance against loss due to fire
group insurance
insurance that is purchased by a group (such as the employees of a company) usually at a reduced rate to individual members of the group
hazard insurance
insurance that provides protection against certain risks such as storms or fires
health insurance
insurance against loss due to ill health
liability insurance
insurance that provides protection from claims arising from injuries or damage to other people or property
life assurance, life insurance
insurance paid to named beneficiaries when the insured person dies
malpractice insurance
insurance purchased by physicians and hospitals to cover the cost of being sued for malpractice
sharing the risk by insurance companies; part or all of the insurer's risk is assumed by other companies in return for part of the premium paid by the insured
insuring yourself by setting aside money to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing an insurance policy
term insurance
low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value
Type of:
anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company

n a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends

“he held several valuable securities
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agency security, government security
a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System
mortgage-backed security
a security created when a group of mortgages are gathered together and bonds are sold to other institutions or the public; investors receive a portion of the interest payments on the mortgages as well as the principal payments; usually guaranteed by the government
registered security
a security whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer (or issuer's agent)
a certificate whose value is recognized by the payer and payee; scrip is not currency but may be convertible into currency
stock, stock certificate
a certificate documenting the shareholder's ownership in the corporation
tax-exempt, tax-exempt security
a security that is not subject to taxation
bond, bond certificate
a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal
zero coupon security, zero-coupon security
a security that makes no interest payments but instead is sold at a deep discount from its face value
partnership certificate
a certificate showing the interests of all parties in a business partnership
proprietorship certificate
a certificate showing who is responsible in an individually owned business
convertible, convertible security
a corporate security (usually bonds or preferred stock) that can be exchanged for another form of security (usually common stock)
letter security
a stock or bond that is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and cannot be sold in the public market
listed security
a security that has been accepted for trading by one of the organized and registered securities exchanges in the US
OTC security, over the counter security, unlisted security
a security traded in the over-the-counter market
bond issue
bonds sold by a corporation or government agency at a particular time and identifiable by date of maturity
convertible bond
a bond that can be converted to other securities under certain conditions
corporate bond
a bond issued by a corporation; carries no claim to ownership and pays no dividends but payments to bondholders have priority over payments to stockholders
bearer bond, coupon bond
a bond issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to the issuer for interest payments
government bond
a bond that is an IOU of the United States Treasury; considered the safest security in the investment world
high-yield bond, junk bond
a (speculative) bond with a credit rating of BB or lower; issued for leveraged buyouts and other takeovers by companies with questionable credit
municipal bond
a bond issued by a state or local government
noncallable bond
a bond containing a provision that the holder cannot redeem the security before a specific date (usually at maturity)
performance bond, surety bond
a bond given to protect the recipient against loss in case the terms of a contract are not filled; a surety company assumes liability for nonperformance
post-obit bond
a bond made by a reversioner to secure a loan; payable out of his reversion
registered bond
a bond whose owner is recorded on the books of the issuer; can be transferred to another owner only when endorsed by the registered owner
revenue bond
a bond issued by an agency that is commissioned to finance public works; revenue from the public property is used to pay off the bond
secured bond
a bond that is back by collateral
debenture, debenture bond, unsecured bond
the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future
zero coupon bond, zero-coupon bond
a bond that is issued at a deep discount from its value at maturity and pays no interest during the life of the bond; the commonest form of zero-coupon security
any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate
Premium Bond
a government bond that bears no interest or capital gains but enters the holder into lotteries
letter stock
stock that has not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and cannot be sold to the general public
letter bond
a bond that has not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and cannot be sold to the general public
OTC stock, over the counter stock, unlisted stock
stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
Type of:
instrument, legal document, legal instrument, official document
(law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right

n a guarantee that an obligation will be met

Type of:
guarantee, warrant, warrantee, warranty
a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications

n property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation

“bankers are reluctant to lend without good security
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money given as security for an article acquired for temporary use
something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract
recognisance, recognizance
(law) a security entered into before a court with a condition to perform some act required by law; on failure to perform that act a sum is forfeited
stock warrant, stock-purchase warrant, warrant
a type of security issued by a corporation (usually together with a bond or preferred stock) that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain amount of common stock at a stated price
arles, earnest money
money given by a buyer to a seller to bind a contract
bail, bail bond, bond
(criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial
perpetual warrant
a warrant with no expiration date
subscription warrant
a warrant that expires on a stipulated date
Type of:
transferred possession, transferred property
a possession whose ownership changes or lapses

n a department responsible for the security of the institution's property and workers

“the head of security was a former policeman”
security department
Type of:
department, section
a specialized division of a large organization

n an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in

security measure, security system
Type of:
electrical device
a device that produces or is powered by electricity

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