A rupture is a break or tear in something that pulls it apart. A rupture can be a literal break, like the one that happens in, say, a gas line, or it can be more figurative, as in a friendship or a business deal.

The oil spill was less of a spill that it was a rupture: the line leading to the well was severed, allowing the oil to flow into the ocean. Rupture works as both a noun and a verb. You can rupture the silence by screaming your head off, and any number of events in Star Trek can cause a rupture in the space-time continuum.

Definitions of rupture

n the act of making a sudden noisy break

Type of:
break, breakage, breaking
the act of breaking something

n the state of being torn or burst open

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hernia, herniation
rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes
herniated disc, ruptured intervertebral disc, slipped disc
a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae; occurs most often in the lumbar region
colpocele, vaginocele
hernia projecting into the vagina
a herniation through the muscular wall of a tubular organ (especially the colon)
protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall
an umbilical hernia at birth in which some abdominal organs push into the umbilical cord
diaphragmatic hernia, hiatal hernia, hiatus hernia
hernia resulting from the protrusion of part of the stomach through the diaphragm
inguinal hernia
hernia in which a loop of intestine enters the inguinal canal; the most common type of hernia in males
hernia of the cornea
hernia through the abdomen
omphalocele, umbilical hernia
protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navel; usually self correcting after birth
Type of:
harm, hurt, injury, trauma
any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.

n a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

breach, break, falling out, rift, severance
Great Schism
the period from 1378 to 1417 during which there were two papacies in the Roman Catholic Church, one in Rome and one in Avignon
the formal separation of a church into two churches or the withdrawal of one group over doctrinal differences
Type of:
breakup, detachment, separation
coming apart

v separate or cause to separate abruptly

bust, snap, tear
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cut or tear irregularly
pull, rend, rip, rive
tear or be torn violently
rip up, shred, tear up
tear into shreds
tear into pieces
Type of:
disunite, divide, part, separate
force, take, or pull apart

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