Use the adjective revealing to describe disclosing something that was hidden, either literally or figuratively. If you ask people if they've ever cheated on a test, you may get revealing answers that tell you whether the person is honest or not.

Revealing comes from the Latin word revelare, which literally means "unveil," and that word has its roots in re-, meaning "the opposite of," and velare meaning "to cover or veil." It is little wonder that the adjective revealing is often used to describe clothing that leaves little to the imagination. If your daughter's date comes to the door in a revealing shirt with almost every button undone, you might ask him to put on a jacket or else he'll be sure to catch cold.

Definitions of revealing
  1. adjective
    showing or making known
    indicative, indicatory, revelatory, significative, suggestive
    (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly
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    covering or hiding
  2. adjective
    disclosing unintentionally
    synonyms: telling, telltale
    informative, informatory
    providing or conveying information
  3. noun
    the act of making something evident
    synonyms: disclosure, revelation
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    singing, tattle, telling
    disclosing information or giving evidence about another
    behavior that makes your feelings public
    divulgement, divulgence
    the act of disclosing something that was secret or private
    something that is discovered
    (law) compulsory pretrial disclosure of documents relevant to a case; enables one side in a litigation to elicit information from the other side concerning the facts in the case
    an unintentional disclosure
    informing, ratting
    to furnish incriminating evidence to an officer of the law (usually in return for favors)
    leak, news leak
    unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information
    the disclosure of something secret
    a deliberate display of emotion for effect
    a display that is exaggerated or unduly complicated
    sackcloth and ashes
    a display of extreme remorse or repentance or grief
    expose, unmasking
    the exposure of an impostor or a fraud
    the exposure of scandal (especially about public figures)
    type of:
    speech act
    the use of language to perform some act
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