Histrionics are dramatic, overdone, emotional actions and words that are done to influence someone. It’s like putting on a little show to get attention.

Histrionics originally referred to acting in a play, and it still conveys a sense of pretending. If someone is going through histrionics, they're acting outlandish, usually to get sympathy or influence someone. Exaggerated crying, unnecessary yelling, and overdone gestures are all examples of histrionics. Unlike real emotional reactions, histrionics are fake and intended to manipulate others.

Definitions of histrionics

n a performance of a play

representation, theatrical, theatrical performance
a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon)
Type of:
performance, public presentation
a dramatic or musical entertainment

n a deliberate display of emotion for effect

Type of:
behavior that makes your feelings public

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