The noun discovery means the finding or uncovering of something. The discovery of a body is usually an important plot point in a mystery novel.

The process of finding, realizing, or unearthing something is discovery, like your discovery of a live lizard in the birthday box your aunt mailed from Arizona. The lizard is also a discovery — the thing that is found. In law, discovery means the obligation to reveal any relevant documents to the opposing party in a legal case. The Latin root, discooperire, basically translates as "the opposite of covering something up."

Definitions of discovery

n the act of discovering something

find, uncovering
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the discovery and description of the course of development of something
catching, detection, espial, spotting, spying
the act of detecting something; catching sight of something
discovering your own individuality
making an important discovery
determination, finding
the act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation
the act of discovering again
designation, identification
the act of designating or identifying something
resolution, solving
finding a solution to a problem
proof, substantiation, validation
the act of validating; finding or testing the truth of something
disproof, falsification, falsifying, refutal, refutation
the act of determining that something is false
fix, localisation, localization, locating, location
a determination of the place where something is
the act of determining or ordaining in advance what is to take place
determination of the length of a curve; finding a straight line equal in length to a given curve
determining again
Type of:
act, deed, human action, human activity
something that people do or cause to happen

n something that is discovered

Type of:
disclosure, revealing, revelation
the speech act of making something evident

n a productive insight

breakthrough, find
Type of:
brainstorm, brainwave, insight
the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

n (law) compulsory pretrial disclosure of documents relevant to a case; enables one side in a litigation to elicit information from the other side concerning the facts in the case

Type of:
disclosure, revealing, revelation
the speech act of making something evident

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