Something intrusive is getting in your face or invading your space. Nosey questions, a poke in the ribs, and a hovering mother are all intrusive.

Things that are intrusive are a real pain in the neck: they intrude on you. If someone asks you a million questions, especially personal questions, that's intrusive behavior. When photographers hound celebrities, they're being intrusive. If a rock is sticking out and getting in people's way, then it's intrusive. All meanings of intrusive involve something being where it doesn't belong.

Definitions of intrusive
  1. adjective
    tending to intrude (especially upon privacy)
    “she felt her presence there was intrusive
    encroaching, invasive, trespassing
    gradually intrusive without right or permission
    busy, busybodied, interfering, meddlesome, meddling, officious
    intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
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    not intrusive, unintrusive
    not interfering or meddling
  2. adjective
    of rock material; forced while molten into cracks between layers of other rock
    irruptive, plutonic
    of igneous rock that has solidified beneath the earth's surface; granite or diorite or gabbro
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    of rock material; forced out while molten through cracks in the earth's surface
    igneous rock produced by eruption and solidified on or near the earth's surface; rhyolite or andesite or basalt
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  3. adjective
    thrusting inward
    “an intrusive arm of the sea”
    curving inward
    projecting inward
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    thrusting outward
    bulging, convex
    curving or bulging outward
    beetle, beetling
    jutting or overhanging
    bellied, bellying, bulbous, bulging, bulgy, protuberant
    curving outward
    sticking out; protruding
    jutting, projected, projecting, protruding, relieved, sticking, sticking out
    extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
    having an upper part projecting beyond the lower
    (especially of eyes) bulging or protruding as with fear
    underhung, undershot, underslung
    having a lower part projecting beyond the upper
    ventricose, ventricous
    having a swelling on one side
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