Something that's bulbous is round or bulging. If you hit your head on the edge of your locker, you may end up with a tender, bulbous lump.

While anything that has the shape of a bulb — like an onion or a light bulb — can be described as bulbous, it almost always describes someone's nose. It's not very nice to tell your friend he has a bulbous nose, though it may be accurate. You can also call a plant bulbous if it's grown from a bulb. This is the earliest, 16th century use of the word, while the "bulb-shaped" meaning came along about 200 years later.

Definitions of bulbous
  1. adjective
    shaped like a bulb
    synonyms: bulb-shaped, bulblike
    circular, round
    having a circular shape
  2. adjective
    curving outward
    synonyms: bellied, bellying, bulging, bulgy, protuberant
    thrusting outward
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