The eight-foot-tall, hot pink statue of Minnie Mouse did not belong among the beige couches of the fancy living room. The statue was obtrusive, meaning it stood out in a bad way.

Something that obtrudes sticks out, like a sore thumb. Wearing a snow suit and skis to your neighbor's pool party, or bringing steak tartare to a vegan potluck — these are examples of obtrusive behavior, which draws attention to you and makes you stick out, but not in a good way.

Definitions of obtrusive
  1. adjective
    sticking out; protruding
    thrusting outward
  2. adjective
    undesirably noticeable
    “the obtrusive behavior of a spoiled child”
    “equally obtrusive was the graffiti”
    synonyms: noticeable
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    discreet, unnoticeable, unobtrusive
    not obtrusive or undesirably noticeable
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