Something that is noticeable is apparent or easy to be noticed. If the change in your report cards is noticeable, let's hope it’s because your grades went up!

It’s easy to remember noticeable, by thinking of it as able to be noticed. Noticeable also means deserving of being noticed, or notable, like good manners or good work habits. Other noticeable things are just easy to spot, and not always in a good way. That piece of spinach between your teeth the entire time you were having lunch with your boss? “Don’t worry; it was hardly noticeable."

Definitions of noticeable
  1. adjective
    capable of being detected
    “after a noticeable pause the lecturer continued”
    synonyms: detectable
    capable of being perceived by the mind or senses
  2. adjective
    readily noticed
    “a noticeable resemblance”
    having strength or power greater than average or expected
  3. adjective
    capable or worthy of being perceived
    noticeable shadows under her eyes”
    noticeable for its vivid historical background”
    “a noticeable lack of friendliness”
    (of speech) heavily and noticeably regional
    detectable, perceptible
    easily seen or detected
    discernible, evident, observable
    capable of being seen or noticed
    marked, pronounced
    strongly marked; easily noticeable
    worthy of notice or attention
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    not noticeable; not drawing attention
    insignificant, undistinguished
    not worthy of notice
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  4. adjective
    undesirably noticeable
    synonyms: obtrusive
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    discreet, unnoticeable, unobtrusive
    not obtrusive or undesirably noticeable
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