Commonly Misspelled Words: List 4

"I before E except after C." It's weird how often spelling rules like that don't work in English!

Instead of spending countless hours learning a ton of spelling rules and hundreds of exceptions, choose the Spelling Bee activity to brush up on these commonly misspelled English words. It's an ingenious way for you to become a spelling genius!

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Full list of words from this list:

  1. accordion
    a portable box-shaped free-reed instrument
  2. across
    to the opposite side
  3. broccoli
    plant with dense clusters of tight green flower buds
  4. carburetor
    the part of a combustion engine that mixes air with gasoline
  5. colonel
    a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines
  6. desperate
    showing extreme urgency or intensity because of great need
  7. disappoint
    fail to meet the hopes or expectations of
  8. finally
    as the end result of a sequence or process
  9. handkerchief
    a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose
  10. ingenious
    showing inventiveness and skill
  11. knowledge
    the result of perception, learning, and reasoning
  12. mischievous
    naughtily or annoyingly playful
  13. occurrence
    an instance of something happening
  14. pharaoh
    an ancient Egyptian king
  15. puerile
    of or characteristic of a child
  16. renowned
    widely known and esteemed
  17. scissors
    an edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades
  18. sincerely
    without pretense
  19. subpoena
    a writ issued to compel the attendance of a witness
  20. ukulele
    a small guitar having four strings
Created on July 12, 2022 (updated July 14, 2022)

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