Were you nervous about that math test because you didn't study hard enough? Well, you'll be relieved to learn that it's been canceled. You can relax! What a relief.

Relieved is the adjective equivalent to the noun "relief." To get relief is to be relieved. At the supermarket, they might have a whole section devoted to pain-relievers. Got a headache? Take a couple and you'll likely be relieved of your pain. Interestingly, you can also use relieved to describe someone who's been fired or had their responsibilities taken away. After one too many unfunny shows, the clown was relieved of his duties: he had to hand in his little red nose.

Definitions of relieved
  1. adjective
    (of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear
    synonyms: alleviated, eased
    made less severe or intense
  2. adjective
    extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
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