Somewhere between being a student and a professional is the life of an intern, an advanced student, especially in medicine, who gets on-the-job experience.

To intern or be an intern is to leave the classroom behind and start doing part of your profession — usually, the job of being a doctor. Sometimes an intern is paid, but not always, and the pay is never great. The experience is considered payment in itself. There have been many medical TV shows that feature interns, probably because the hours are long, the job is difficult, and there are many opportunities for drama in this boot camp for doctors. Medical interns may appreciate another meaning, which means to take away someone's freedom, as in "Why did you intern the prisoners?"

Primary Meanings of intern

someone who works for an expert to learn a trade
work as an intern
deprive of freedom
Full Definitions of intern

n someone who works for an expert to learn a trade

apprentice, learner, prentice
printer's devil
an apprentice in a printing establishment
Type of:
beginner, initiate, novice, tiro, tyro
someone new to a field or activity

n an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience (`houseman' is a British term)

houseman, interne, medical intern
Type of:
Dr., MD, doc, doctor, medico, physician
a licensed medical practitioner

v work as an intern

“The young doctor is interning at the Medical Center this year”
Type of:
exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity

v deprive of freedom

“During WW II, Japanese were interned in camps in the West”
Type of:
confine, detain
deprive of freedom; take into confinement

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