As a noun, hype means extravagant claims about a person or product. All the hype about a miraculous new kind of mop might influence you to buy one, but after trying it out you'll realize it's just a mop.

Experts speculate that the word hype may be a back formation of hyperbole, or it may come from hyper — old-fashioned slang for a person who swindled someone. As a verb, to hype something is to blatantly promote it. If you hype your favorite restaurant enough, your friends will finally try it. If they all hate it, though, they might never listen to you again!

Definitions of hype
  1. noun
    blatant or sensational promotion
    synonyms: ballyhoo, hoopla, plug
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    type of:
    packaging, promotion, promotional material, publicity
    a message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution
  2. verb
    publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner
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    type of:
    air, bare, publicise, publicize
    make public
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