A forest is a densely wooded area, or land covered with trees and shrubs. As a verb it means to establish a forest where none existed before.

Famous forests include the Sherwood Forest of Nottinghamshire, England, associated with legend of Robin Hood; the Black Forest of southwestern Germany, so named because it's so dense that very little light enters it; the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil (and 8 other countries of South America); and the forests that make up the Redwood National and State Parks of California, where you can find the tallest trees on earth.

Definitions of forest
  1. noun
    the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
    synonyms: wood, woods
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    a small wooded area
    a small growth of trees without underbrush
    an impenetrable equatorial forest
    rain forest, rainforest
    a forest with heavy annual rainfall
    old growth, virgin forest
    forest or woodland having a mature or overly mature ecosystem more or less uninfluenced by human activity
    second growth
    a second growth of trees covering an area where the original stand was destroyed by fire or cutting
    temperate rain forest
    a rain forest in a temperate area
    selva, tropical rain forest
    a rain forest in a tropical area
    type of:
    botany, flora, vegetation
    all the plant life in a particular region or period
  2. noun
    land that is covered with trees and shrubs
    synonyms: timber, timberland, woodland
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    Black Forest
    a hilly forest region in southwestern Germany
    Sherwood Forest
    an ancient forest in central England; formerly a royal hunting ground; said to be the home of Robin Hood and his merry band
    a wooded region in northeastern Virginia near Spotsylvania where bloody but inconclusive battles were fought in the American Civil War
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    woodlands in full leaf
    riparian forest
    woodlands along the banks of stream or river
    silva, sylva
    the forest trees growing in a country or region
    tree farm
    a forest (or part of a forest) where trees are grown for commercial use
    an area planted with pine trees or related conifers
    type of:
    a major biotic community characterized by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate
    dry land, earth, ground, land, solid ground, terra firma
    the solid part of the earth's surface
  3. verb
    establish a forest on previously unforested land
    synonyms: afforest
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    reestablish a forest after clear-cutting or fire, etc.
    forest anew
    type of:
    plant, set
    put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground
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