Other forms: descriptions

A description puts something in words, like a portrait puts a person in paint. The lawnmower you came home with did not quite fit the description of the dishwasher you went shopping for.

The root for description is the Latin word descriptio, meaning “to write down.” The “script” in description tells you that a good description makes what it describes come to life, like a script for a movie. Your description of that fudge almond swirl ice cream was so good I could taste it! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to nuts.

Definitions of description
  1. noun
    the act of describing something
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    characterisation, characterization
    the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features
    a brief description given for purposes of identification
    detailing, particularisation, particularization
    an individualized description of a particular instance
    sketch, vignette
    a brief literary description
    type of:
    speech act
    the use of language to perform some act
  2. noun
    a statement that represents something in words
    synonyms: verbal description
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    job description
    description of the responsibilities associated with a given job
    spec, specification
    a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work
    characterisation, characterization, delineation, depiction, picture, word picture, word-painting
    a graphic or vivid verbal description
    computer architecture
    the art of assembling logical elements into a computing device; the specification of the relation between parts of a computer system
    network architecture
    specification of design principles (including data formats and procedures) for creating a network configuration of data processors
    descriptive word or phrase
    portrait, portraiture, portrayal
    a word picture of a person's appearance and character
    type of:
    a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc
  3. noun
    sort or variety
    “every description of book was there”
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    type of:
    form, kind, sort, variety
    a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality




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