To delude is to trick or fool, often in relation to yourself. If you delude yourself into thinking your mom's chocolate cake is low in fat, you'll be disappointed to find out it's made with two sticks of butter!

If you delude someone into thinking something, you are making a fool of them, or making them foolish. The word shares a root with ludicrous which means completely ridiculous. The thing that you foolishly believe is a delusion. Someone with delusions of grandeur has deluded themselves into thinking they are very, very special.

Definitions of delude
  1. verb
    be false to; be dishonest with
    synonyms: cozen, deceive, lead on
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    betray, sell
    deliver to an enemy by treachery
    cheat, chisel
    engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud
    act as a shill
    flim-flam, fob, fox, play a joke on, play a trick on, play tricks, pull a fast one on, trick
    deceive somebody
    befool, fool, gull
    make a fool or dupe of
    betray, cheat, cheat on, cuckold, wander
    be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage
    hoax, play a joke on, pull someone's leg
    subject to a playful hoax or joke
    ensnare, entrap, frame, set up
    take or catch as if in a snare or trap
    trick or deceive
    double cross
    betray by double-dealing
    profit privately from public office and official business
    play the shark; act with trickery
    rig, set up
    arrange the outcome of by means of deceit
    act with artful deceit
    use a crib, as in an exam
    carry on a romantic relationship with two people at the same time
    cook, fake, falsify, fudge, manipulate, misrepresent, wangle
    tamper, with the purpose of deception
    fool or dupe
    fool around, play around
    commit adultery
    type of:
    victimise, victimize
    make a victim of
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