Dependable means "reliable, steady, trustworthy." If people can always count on you, that means you are dependable.

The adjective dependable can also mean consistent in performance or behavior, like a dependable car that always starts and rarely needs service or a dependable actor who always does a great job, regardless of the role. Dependable can also be used to describe something that is financially sound, like an investment that brings profit with little risk.

Definitions of dependable
  1. adjective
    consistent in performance or behavior
    dependable in one's habits”
    synonyms: consistent, rock-steady, steady-going
    not subject to change or variation especially in behavior
  2. adjective
    worthy of reliance or trust
    “a dependable worker”
    synonyms: reliable
    certain, sure
    reliable in operation or effect
    tested, time-tested, tried, tried and true
    tested and proved to be reliable
    used of values and principles; not subject to change; steady
    trustworthy, trusty
    worthy of trust or belief
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    undependable, unreliable
    not worthy of reliance or trust
    erratic, temperamental, wayward
    likely to perform unpredictably
    not consistent or dependable
    of e.g. advice
    untrustworthy, untrusty
    not worthy of trust or belief
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  3. adjective
    worthy of being depended on
    “a dependable worker”
    synonyms: honest, reliable, true
    trustworthy, trusty
    worthy of trust or belief
  4. adjective
    financially sound
    synonyms: good, safe, secure
    financially secure and safe
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