The first month of the 2017 - 2018 Vocabulary Bowl season is in the books, but big questions still remain.

Even with Etiwanda snagging yet another Champions banner, the outcome is anything but inevitable, and there's way more to the Vocabulary Bowl than just which school snags the top slot in the ranks. We've got a 6-month marathon of word-learning to go, and Bowl history teaches us that anything can happen. So, what stories are we going to be following this season?



October 60-Second Roundup

Which school can put the pressure on Etiwanda?
With their 7th monthly Vocabulary Bowl win in October, the Eagles appear to be in it to win it again this season. As defending champions though, Etiwanda has a target on its back, and schools like Walnut Hills, Bellaire High School and Nova High School — all hungry for their first titles — pose a considerable threat. Can the Eagles sustain their perch at number one? Which competitor is ready to surge ahead and knock them off their pedestal? These are the burning questions that keep us glued to the overall words mastered leaderboard!



October High School Roundup

Will Margate's monthly words mastered record be broken?
Defending Middle School Champion Margate is looking strong out of the gate this season, but the bigger story is whether their words-mastered record can endure. The Spartans banked 85,912 words in their March Madness vocabulary frenzy last March, a total which seemed untouchable. Yet in the first month of this season Etiwanda mastered 81,425 words, leaving every Bowl fan out there wondering how long Margate's record can last.



October Middle School Roundup

Who are this season's upstarts and underdogs?
One of the most exciting aspects of the Vocabulary Bowl is watching the leaderboards for rising rookies. Every season, schools emerge from relative obscurity to crack the Top Ten and tussle with the giants. This year, we've got our eyes on schools all over the map — from Wheelersburg Middle School out in Ohio to Mexia High School down in Texas — for those upstarts and underdogs we all love to root for.

Where will your school end up on the leaderboards?
Finally, we pose the most important question of all. Where will your school end up on the Vocabulary Bowl leaderboards? We've structured the competition on multiple levels so that your school can get a toehold and keep climbing. Can you best local rivals on your county leaderboard? Crack the Top Ten in your state? With daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, it's never too late to get your game on, so get involved in the Vocabulary Bowl now and watch your students play their way to a better vocabulary.